Film noir scenes featuring black and white cinematography at its finest have captivated a new generation of fans. Femme Fatales, moody scenes, chiaroscuro lighting and dark shadows.

  • Union Station (1950)
    Union Station (1950)
    Lyle Bettger and Jan Sterling
  • Lizabeth Scott for Dead Reckoning (1947)
    Lizabeth Scott for Dead Reckoning (1947)
    Classic femme fatale shot in black glove, holding a cigerette with stark shadow.
  • Night Editor (1946)
    Night Editor (1946)
    Janis Carter and William Gargan
  • Berlin Express (1948)
    Berlin Express (1948)
    Robert Ryan and Merle Oberon
  • The Reckless Moment (1947)
    The Reckless Moment (1947)
    Joan Bennett and homme fatale James Mason
  • Framed (1947)
    Framed (1947)
    Glenn Ford and Janis Carter
  • Scarlet Street
    Scarlet Street
    Margaret Lindsay and Joan Bennett. Directed by Fritz Lang.
  • The Woman On The Beach (1946)
    The Woman On The Beach (1946)
    Charles Bickford & Joan Bennett

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